About me and my work 
A project never changed the world. Self-reliance is self-sufficiency economically....And taking your own decisions...managing your own affairs. ....just having more income does not make you more concerned about other people. You have to organize around certain values - Ela Bhatt

Creativity is about telling the truth -- Sketch arts program, Toronto

Communities can often be compared to a football game where 30,000 people who need the exercise, turn up to watch 36 players who don�t.- Peter Kenyon

The fingers of people are not all the same length - A. Ol'oiloisolo Massek and J.O. Sidai, Maasai proverb

Save the other half of yourselves and your lives for pleasure and adventure. It is not enough to fight for the land; it is even more important to enjoy it. - Edward Abbey

Civic politics, like poetry, is concerned with questions of meaning, purpose, justice, and even beauty�all full of ambiguity and laden with conflicts of value, all constitutive of efforts to build a good society.-- Harry Boyte

You're only given a spark of madness. You musn't lose it. -Robin Williams

Only what is really oneself has the power to heal. - Carl Jung

There is no cure for multiple plots. - Adam Philips

Always be passionately aware that you could be completely wrong. -Dian Marino


I am Nanci, a Chinese-Syrian self-employed poet, adult educator and analyst from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Originally from Port Colborne, Ontario, I have family and ancestors spread wide.

I am mindful that if I graduated from high school today I wouldn't be able to afford to go to university. This has made me passionate about fairness, especially around money. And "agency." I have spent the better part of 20 years trying to work on what this means for people, particularly (cis-gendered) women and girls to step into their voice and choice, understand and negotiate their rights and interests around savings, assets in their name, property, inheritance and other rights such as sexual and reproductive rights and freedom from gender-based violence. Why? Because while women are savvy and often hold the purse, too often they don't have control over money, assets, their own bodies (which brings them back to money).Personally and professionally I support self-organized associations, cooperatives, coalitions, movements. Key, we know, to linking individual and collective voice, advocacy to community building and lasting change. In my work and facilitation, history, feminist structural analysis, self-awareness, critical and collective dialogue are central. My feminism works for intersectional gender equity against racism, homophobia, fascisms and hate-mongering of any kind.

I've been an e-educator for about 10 years and feel there is huge unrealized and transformative potential in online learning. It seems to collapse the gender and power dynamics in interesting ways and reduces the lag between learning and real life application. Puts the facilitator and peers where they should be - coaching others in their work and communities, real-time in real messiness.

We have created a peer coaching and consulting network called Sisters Ink. made of self-employed women from Morocco, Zambia, Switzerland, Mexico, Nigeria, Tanzania, Pakistan, Canada working on issues of gender justice and economic empowerment. What many need are opportunities to "take the ball" and a community of support, not another workshop. The aim is to partly address the power imbalances that exist in consulting and research that have too-often favoured the same candidates and firms. We provide space for reflection and moral support that's been so lacking in many of our workplaces. www.sistersink.ca

About half of my time, I play, get outside, paddle, write poetry. Art and narrative are central to my work as I believe that dialogue and meaning-making are key to changing the narratives, healing and connecting. These are issues of consciousness and imagination, not technical know-how. I volunteer which usually qualifies as play. Sit down and try to make sense out of all of this, write. And sometimes I just play.